Cydia sued Apple for monopolizing the app distribution on the App Store

This is considered the latest lawsuit to limit the monopoly power of Apples.

The lawsuit was filed on December 10 by the programmer who created Cydia, a popular app store for the iPhone launched in 2007, before the App Store appeared.

According to the Washington Post, the lawsuit accuses Apple of using its power to “destroy” Cydia, making way for the App Store.

Cydia said that Apple is exclusively distributing applications for the iOS platform. The lawsuit requires Apple to open the door to third-party app stores, helping users and programmers choose their favorite app stores.

Fred Sainz, an Apple spokesman, said he would review the lawsuit but denied the monopoly allegations. According to Sainz, Apple is facing competition from Android, and must strictly control how to install apps to avoid malware infection.

While Epic Games with Fortnite or Spotify music service only target Apple’s policy on the App Store, Cydia is a direct competitor of this app store.

It is estimated that the App Store generates about $ 15 billion in revenue each year. Although it accounts for only a small portion of Apple’s revenue, this is an important springboard for Apple’s burgeoning services business.

The App Store’s success comes in part from how content is controlled. While macOS allows software to be installed from multiple sources, iOS allows apps to be installed from a single place. All apps on the App Store must be strictly censored by Apple.

Jay Freeman is the “father” of Cydia. When he used the iPhone in 2007, he was disappointed that the phone lacked many important features. From there, Freeman created Cydia (named after a pest) and successfully won the team.

According to Freeman, about 50% of iPhone users first “jailbroken” (jailbreak) phones to install Cydia. In 2010, Freeman said that the app store had 4.5 million people searching for the app every day.

Since the App Store launched in 2008, Apple has always warned users about the risks of jailbreaking. They were overblown, Freeman argues.

“It’s morally your phone and you can do anything. You need to decide which apps to install and where to install them”, Freeman said. In 2009, the US Copyright Office determined that cracking was not illegal activity.

After losing the lawsuit, Apple continuously tries to prevent the installation of Cydia. The company also added to iOS many features that Cydia has provided such as Control Center, floating notifications, adding widgets to the home screen.

Freeman said Cydia’s revenue peaked in 2011 and 2012, around $ 10 million. Cydia also charges discounts for app developers. By 2013, when the App Store had more apps and iOS was more complete, Cydia was at a dead end.

Apple even recruits “jailbreakers” for its security team. The iPhone jailbreak is getting more and more difficult. Several veterans claim the era of jailbreak is over.

Freeman is still a programmer but doesn’t spend much time on Cydia. Freeman’s attorneys at Quinn Emanuel, the law firm that once represented Samsung in the patent lawsuit with Apple, say that is when Cydia sues Apple in court.

Stephen Swedlow, Cydia’s chief lawyer, said if the lawsuit succeeds, Cydia will aim to compete with Apple, this time without jailbreak.

Top 5 Good Security Apps On Android Not To Be Missed

Referring to Android must mention the great applications that hundreds of millions of people around the world are using. In addition to the security holes that are still security experts, hackers discovered, but good Android security applications are still popular. 

Here are the 5  best security apps on Android that you can’t ignore.

Among the operating systems, the number of Android OS users is much more overwhelming than other operating systems. Besides great utilities, good applications, Android has always been the target of hackers, of many malware.

To prevent threats from viruses and malware you should choose for yourself the best security software. Here are some reliable security apps for Android.

Norton Mobile Security Pro

Norton is one of the reputable names in providing security applications for antivirus and computer security. Many users who bought a laptop or desktop computer during the past decade have received a Norton software pre-installed on their Windows computer. Norton Mobile Security Pro is now available on Android devices with a beautiful interface and anti-theft feature using the front camera.

Kaspersky Mobile Security Pro

Bringing computer security to Android devices, Kaspersky Mobile Security promises to provide advanced protection against theft, nosy people, and malware. Unlike many other mobile security applications, Kaspersky requires users to enter their PIN to reset the original data on their smartphones when installing.

Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security has a polished user interface and innovative features. For example, call and SMS forwarding, the Privacy Advisor feature and the ability to control your device to call another number when it’s lost or stolen makes Avast a leading security application on Android.

Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security is a high security application for all devices running on the Android platform. Moreover, Lookout Mobile Security was created by students at ES, created by three students at USC, Lookout Mobile Security has quickly become one of the most reliable security applications for devices. Android. Lookout is the first unit to identify new malware, and their applications are always up to date to ensure that users are protected against threats. During the development process, Lookout Mobile Security also regularly added some new and useful features such as Signal Flare.

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AVG AntiVirus Pro

Rated as the best security application, AVG Antivirus is one of the most widely used mobile security applications for the Android platform today. This free application has the ability to prevent smartphone theft with features such as turning off the device remotely, locking functions. In addition, the two App Locker and App Backup applications will help users keep their applications safe and very easy to reinstall when something goes wrong.