Stand Alone Gas Leakage Sensor

A gas leak detector is a vital piece of safety equipment for any UK industry that uses or emits any kind of gas in its manufacturing processes or storage units.

A gas leak detector regularly takes a sample of air in the surrounding area in which it is located and detects if there are any irregularities in air levels, like a build up of harmful gases.

Gas detectors can be used to monitor flammable and toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, ammonia, chlorine, ozone, oxygen, refrigerants and combustible gases like methane and propane.

As the gas leak detector monitors levels of gas concentration, its sensor responds to calibration, which acts as a reference point. When the sensor’s detection exceeds a preset alarm level the alarm is activated and an interface provides data to personnel. The device emits a signal when unusual gas levels are detected so that technicians and safety wardens can take appropriate action.

Murco assists UK and Irish industries with their gas leak detector needs by providing a range of products suitable for any scenario or environment.

For installations that require a quality and affordable stand-alone gas detector, the Murco Gas Detector (MGD) is the perfect solution. The detector consists of between one to six remote gas sensors that are connected to, and powered by, a controller. The controller provides visible, audible, and relay alarms when it detects any gases. The MGD is available with one or two levels of alarm.