Indoor security system is recommended

   Security is the thing that homeowners are most concerned about today, to ensure spirit as well as material for their families. So what is the home security system ? Let us go through the security systems that should be in the house.

1. What is indoor security system?

   The indoor security system helps to control the risk of explosions (gas leaks, electric shock), illegal intrusion, deal with uninvited guests who come, protect your home 24 / 7.

2. Specialized indoor security systems

Let us take a look at commonly used indoor security systems:

Camera surveillance system

    The camera system is a powerful security system that helps you observe the whole house when you are away, working far away or you just don’t feel secure when there are children, maids or uninvited guests. that came. Once a device just for the giants, but now thanks to the development of technology, CCTV has become very popular in households. With security camera system, nothing can pass your eyes wherever you are, anywhere with just one phone, you will put the whole house in the palm of your hand.

Anti-theft alarm system

     Alarm system, you can install alarm sensors at the entrance of the house, 2nd floor balcony … it will immediately sound a warning when someone breaks into the alarm installation area.

    Now all alarm systems have built-in fake alarm protection and you can turn off alarms when you are at home.

– Magnetic door system (protect door positions)

– Speaker system for alarm

– GAS alarm device (detects gas leak)

– Broken glass newspaper (broken glass newspaper)

– Smoke alarm (detects smoke)

Electronic door lock:

Electronic door lock is a modern door lock using high-end technologies such as fingerprints, magnetic cards, codes, remote controls, doorbells … integrated into the device to control the door opening / closing. .

The internal structure of the electronic door lock is more complicated with many bolts and the size of the key is also larger than that of the mechanical lock, ensuring secure safety so that the lock cannot be easily broken.

    Electronic door locks are different from conventional mechanical locks that require a key to open.

    The door will lock itself when you close it. And just remember the code, bring the magnetic card or fingerprint to open the door easily.

    Not only that, the use of electronic door locks also helps you to upgrade your apartment and turn your apartment into a luxury apartment with aesthetics.

Smart electric system:

   This is one of the most wonderful items in the smart security system in your home . With smart lighting system, your home will be more wonderful than ever.

    You will not need to search for the light switch, instead when you get home the light will turn on automatically, wherever you go the light will automatically light up.

    Invest in a motion light sensor, and never allow criminals to lurk in the dark while the family sleeps.

    Not only intelligent electric system is also like a bodyguard, protecting and chasing away unwanted guests. Ensure safety for your family.

Above is a common indoor security system. Hope our sharing will help your family.