Choosing the most suitable home security cameras

Home security has become a tech priority. Because there are so many deliveries, packages and services now coming to your door, keeping your home secure and safe is a major tech trend. Tech companies such as Google-owned Nest, Netgear, have tried hard to make the connected home CCTV camera more prominent. Now, let’s discuss more how to choose the most suitable security camera for your home.

What to look for in a CCTV camera

Home security cameras have to be able to identify visitors and send alerts in order to keep your home safe and secure. Most smart home cameras are linked up to an app such as the Nest or Ring app, to monitor your home when you are away.

Night vision, notification alerts, plenty of cloud storage for your recorded footage, and microphones to give out voice commands are the key features to consider when choosing home security cameras.

Some home security cameras have the audio capability of listening in for unusual noise. Some advanced cameras at a premium price like the Nest IQ also have facial recognition features.

Wireless cameras and power sources

One major feature to choose a suitable home security camera is its power source. If the camera is battery powered, you can place it anywhere with no wires. Just remember to recharge the battery when it runs low, which is normally prompted through its app.

Many smart security cameras can connect wirelessly with your smartphone while many others require fitting and don’t have a battery but a wired power source. Then, you have to find a suitable spot with a power source to place them.

Indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras

The other major decision is whether you need an indoor or outdoor camera. Outdoor cameras are often more durable but are trickier to install than simple indoor security cameras because they often come with a set of screws and mounts. Some models from the Arlo come with options for several mounts to choose how you want to set up your camera.