Overview of surveillance security systems (Part 2)

Warning system

This system includes compact wireless devices. They are equipped with smart sensors. This design will provide immediate warning when there is an unauthorized intrusion. Specifically, the alarm system consists of a central controller with sensors and signal transmitters. This system is capable of detecting invalid movements. Next to that are the actions of entering the restricted area. The alarm system is an effective tool in monitoring and protecting property.

In addition to intrusion warning, the warning system also includes many other warning devices. Examples are fire alarm or gas leak warning. All these devices have the ability to alert, manage as well as be controlled remotely through devices connected to the Internet.

Surveillance security system for household use

Safety is always a concern of every family. Surveillance security systems are the optimal solution for this need. This solution helps to completely protect your family from dangers lurking.

Perimeter security system

Includes warning devices installed in areas of gates and fences. For example alarm bells or flashing lights. When unauthorized intrusion is detected, the flashing light will be turned on, the alarm will sound loud to alert the intruder. Text message alerts will also be sent to the landlord immediately.

Inner ring security system

It is surveillance camera system, fire alarm and gas leak alarm. The sensors are also often installed in the garage or kitchen. The fire alarm will sound continuously for 5 minutes as soon as the fire occurs and. Warning system immediately sends a message to the landlord. If after 5 minutes there is no fire alarm breaker, the system will automatically disconnect the whole house to avoid spreading fire.