What will the smart home device look like when the network is lost?

Maybe the Internet is what differentiates smart home devices from non-smart devices. So with a very frequent situation is loss of network, smart home devices will be like? Will they return to their previous brick state or are they still active?

The answer is depending on the device. Some are completely useless offline, but some still function properly even though there are no smart features left. Here’s what you need to know.

Some WiFi cameras will not work

Some cameras are completely useless without a network, including those very popular on the market like the Nest Cam or other Nest camera devices.

However, there are other WiFi cameras such as Arlo Pro, which can record video normally if you plug in a USB drive. Normally it will save to the cloud but when there is no WiFi, it will save to USB.

Philips Hue lamps can work properly

With smart lights, like Philips Hue, still works normally without a network connection, as long as you don’t control it remotely. Hue uses the hub as a middleman, which is very useful in case of network loss.

If the internet stops working but the local WiFi network is still working, you will not be able to control the lights from the phone when not at home, and everything will still work properly.

In other words, as long as the Hue Bridge hub is still connected to the router and the phone is still connected to the indoor WiFi network through the router, you can still control the light from your phone, even if you lose the network.

The safety devices still work, but are no longer “smart”

As long as you use smart devices to control important things in the house, it is normal to worry about losing the network. The good news is that important devices such as heat sensors, smoke detectors, and smart locks still function normally as other “non-smart” devices when they lose their network.

The voice assistant is useless

Devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home used to control smart home devices are very good. But while it is still possible to control the device manually, using the voice assistant is impossible without a network.

Some features, like alarms and timers, are still active. For example, if you set an alarm the next morning and lose WiFi, the virtual assistant will still call you up on time. But if you want to control them by voice or ask for weather information, they won’t work without the Internet.