How to make sure your Ring Alarm kit is kid-friendly

When it comes to your family, the most important thing is to protect those who you love most. A variety of home security kits has been created to set up, monitor, and control your home security wherever you are. Among all, the Ring Alarm kit is a friendly system that help your entire family feel home is safe and secure. Use this guide to make sure your Ring Alarm kit is the most kid-friendly it can be.

1. Think about the place in your home where you and your family can benefit most from placing door sensors and contact window. Consider home entrances where your children have access to and if you want to set the system to alert or chime you when they are used. Besides protecting your home from the outside, security systems are also about protecting your children on the inside from getting out when they shouldn’t.

2. When installing, make sure to place all parts of the Ring Alarm kit out of reach of kids. You can leave the base station and keypad on a table, but if you have small kids, you should mount them out of their reach as well. For older kids, if you want them to operate the keypad, you can place it within their reach.

3. Teach your kids to use your security system if they are ready.

4. Practice the different ways to control the alarm, including: with the Ring App, with a code on the keypad, with Alexa using voice commands and a verbal four digit code.

5. Install an Amazon Echo device and then connect Ring to it. By this way, you can arm or disarm Ring handsfree with voice commands. In addition, your kids can help you control the alarm without tripping over anything to get to a keypad.

6. Select an alarm with a Panic button. Unluckily, sometimes emergencies take place when adults are not home, or adults are the ones who are having the emergency. With the push of one button, even a kid can call someone to the rescue.