The benefits of an integrated security system you should know

It’s never too careful when it comes to protecting your property. Having a security system is a good start, but you may still have problems.

An integrated security system is the best way to ensure that your assets are as secure and secure as possible. Here are the reasons why you should consider installing an integrated security system for your assets.

Improve efficiency

When you integrate your security system, all operations will be centralized. All monitoring & protection devices can be seen from a single workstation. Your devices will work seamlessly together. As you handle a more centralized system, your security system will operate more efficiently and easily. This simplicity leads to increased security because no one will waste time operating a complex system.

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Real-time monitoring

Your system integration will allow me to see everything at once. You can even integrate the system from multiple websites so you can track multiple locations at the same time. A centralized system will allow you to see everything happening in your area in real time. You will then be able to react to situations quickly and resolve any issues that arise. Once you can solve the problem in real time, you’ll have less damage and be able to catch the offender while acting.

Data collection

With a centralized system, it will be much easier to collect data to help improve security measures. In retail, for example, you can easily identify weak areas where your product is more likely to be stolen. Once these weaknesses have been identified, you can quickly devise a plan to address these issues. An integrated system makes it easy to collect data, thereby helping to identify problems that you can solve.

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Cut the cost

Once your system is linked, it will be cheaper for you to upgrade. Instead of having to update every single part of your system, you will be able to perform upgrades at the same time to easily improve your overall system. These consistent updates will save you time and money. Additionally, your system will need fewer people to monitor it because it’s all in one workspace. This fact will save you running costs.

Improved safety

Improving your security system will make your property and everyone more secure. You can protect your assets more effectively, solve problems as they arise, and easily track and evaluate potential risks. In addition, you can incorporate fire alarms into your security system. Then it becomes easier to track down any potential threats and increase fire safety. Explosion is a common concern in buildings, and you can rest assured knowing you are ready for any problems that may arise.

Indoor security system is recommended

   Security is the thing that homeowners are most concerned about today, to ensure spirit as well as material for their families. So what is the home security system ? Let us go through the security systems that should be in the house.

1. What is indoor security system?

   The indoor security system helps to control the risk of explosions (gas leaks, electric shock), illegal intrusion, deal with uninvited guests who come, protect your home 24 / 7.

2. Specialized indoor security systems

Let us take a look at commonly used indoor security systems:

Camera surveillance system

    The camera system is a powerful security system that helps you observe the whole house when you are away, working far away or you just don’t feel secure when there are children, maids or uninvited guests. that came. Once a device just for the giants, but now thanks to the development of technology, CCTV has become very popular in households. With security camera system, nothing can pass your eyes wherever you are, anywhere with just one phone, you will put the whole house in the palm of your hand.

Anti-theft alarm system

     Alarm system, you can install alarm sensors at the entrance of the house, 2nd floor balcony … it will immediately sound a warning when someone breaks into the alarm installation area.

    Now all alarm systems have built-in fake alarm protection and you can turn off alarms when you are at home.

– Magnetic door system (protect door positions)

– Speaker system for alarm

– GAS alarm device (detects gas leak)

– Broken glass newspaper (broken glass newspaper)

– Smoke alarm (detects smoke)

Electronic door lock:

Electronic door lock is a modern door lock using high-end technologies such as fingerprints, magnetic cards, codes, remote controls, doorbells … integrated into the device to control the door opening / closing. .

The internal structure of the electronic door lock is more complicated with many bolts and the size of the key is also larger than that of the mechanical lock, ensuring secure safety so that the lock cannot be easily broken.

    Electronic door locks are different from conventional mechanical locks that require a key to open.

    The door will lock itself when you close it. And just remember the code, bring the magnetic card or fingerprint to open the door easily.

    Not only that, the use of electronic door locks also helps you to upgrade your apartment and turn your apartment into a luxury apartment with aesthetics.

Smart electric system:

   This is one of the most wonderful items in the smart security system in your home . With smart lighting system, your home will be more wonderful than ever.

    You will not need to search for the light switch, instead when you get home the light will turn on automatically, wherever you go the light will automatically light up.

    Invest in a motion light sensor, and never allow criminals to lurk in the dark while the family sleeps.

    Not only intelligent electric system is also like a bodyguard, protecting and chasing away unwanted guests. Ensure safety for your family.

Above is a common indoor security system. Hope our sharing will help your family.

The best network security tools and software

You are looking for network security software, system testing tools, network management? So you’ve found the right one! We will summarize to help you with the best tools for working with the network.

Top 6 most effective network security tools:

1. Network security testing tool – RogueScanner

– This tool (also known as the application) allows you to turn on and check, monitor if someone is intruding on your wifi, network, computer. When using this tool, you will see a list of IP addresses, devices connected to your network.

2. Network security system testing tool – SoftPerfect Network Scanner

If you want to manage, troubleshoot and investigate whether the configuration is safe for your network, you should use this tool.

3. Zenmap tool for setting up network diagrams

To explore and test network security when connecting to the internet, exploring other people’s networks, you can use this tool. There is also Hping for Linux specifically used to analyze and manage networks for Linux operating systems.

4. Free network security tool – Avast Home Edition

Admittedly, Avast Home Edition is an anti-virus software that ensures your computer is safe and avoids virus intrusion from files and links that are sticky through connecting to the network. Avast Home Edition is a browser rated for anti-virus for PC. With the ability to scan the entire system, files, data in the computer and detect, eradicate the viruses hidden in the laptop.

5. a-Squared Tool HiJackFree

To prevent and prevent spyware from entering your computer, SecurityBox recommends this tool. Moreover, HiJackFree can also scan the entire system for dangerous viruses, sypware and remove them.

6. Network security protection tool – Attack Trace

You are concerned, worried your website may be hacked, attacked, inserted malicious code? This is a free service that will check your sites and landing pages for people to see.

Network security software:

In fact, there are many people who confuse network security tools and network security software. In the world, experts also have very few people called software security but rather called network security tools.

But to be good at network security, we think that you need to learn and practice a lot. In fact, there are network security tools (network security software) that do not yet support running on different operating systems. You must be a person who understands how to create a tool, how it works, to keep your network secure.